Job oriented Asp.Net Training on live projects in Andheri, Thane and Mumbai by working professional. Become Asp.NET developer. Learn C#, ADO.NET, SQL Server , Ajax in Learn what is .Net Framework? what is state management in Asp.NET, ASP.NET Security Architecture, authentication authorization in Asp.Net, caching in Asp.NET, validators controls in Asp.Net and much much more.

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This course is delivered as 30 day classroom. It’s heavy on hands-on Lab exercises, Live Project, guided and evaluated by the trainer.
Trainer for this course is a MCA Degree holder Certified Instructor in the technology – with over 9 + years experience as a Developer and Trainer. Trainer has worked at MNC companies.
After Completion of The Asp.Net Training Course. Trainee gets Certification under our company.
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We give training on live project with individual attention. Allow only 5 students in a batch.

Our In depth ASP.NET (with C#/VB.NET) Course is all that you need to master the difficult language to perfection.No other training centers shall provide such comprehensive training to prepare you for the vast world out there. This course starts from the basics to advanced topics ensuring that you are capable of making a strong foothold in the IT industry with knowledge based confidence. ASP.NET has a very extensive scope consisting of various areas to master. We provide extensive training on each topic including state management, security, anti xss, caching, validators and much much more.
Studying and gaining this Professional Training Programme in ASP.NET will

  • Keep you at the leading edge with mastery in Web Development and optimization tricks
  • Help you to build on your professional expertise and increase job security in a rapidly changing IT industry
  • Help you to expand your knowledge and develop live projects
  • Provide you with a recognized qualification as a language expert through the best in the industry.
  • Learn at the quickest pace
  • Get effective knowledge on each topic.
  • Work on Live projects and get hands-on experience
  • Get experience certification for working with us
  • Get recruited immediately
The aim of this course is to help budding professionals learn at a quick pace and get extensive knowledge on every required area of respective technology. Our objective is to empower you with strong knowledge and confidence to be successful in the IT industry at the lowest possible fees.
You will get complete practical training on all areas of the vast technology with experience on live projects. Each student will get to work on live client project from first week to gain maximum knowledge on the working of the industry. Course includes theoretical ,practical and live training on each topic starting from the basics.
You will be rewarded with an experience certificate when you successfully complete the course. That apart, you can get placed in our development team as well. Or we provide assistance in getting you recruited in a reputed company.
You have various options once you complete the course. When you have completed the course, you will be empowered with extensive knowledge, experience certificate and job opportunities. Isn’t that wonderful?
These courses are designed to be flexible to suit your needs. This course is suitable no matter what your profile is. You can opt for basic course if you are a fresher. You can opt for a particular advanced course if you have prior work knowledge and master web development to perfection
Just Rs.20,000+GST 18%
1. What is .NET Framework ?

  • Why .NET Framework ?
  • What .NET Framework ?
  • Object Orientation
  • Type Safety
  • Memory Management in Asp.NET
  • Platform Support
  • C#’s Relationship with the CLR
  • The CLR and .NET Framework
  • What is 3 tier Architecture in .NET ?
2. What is ASP.NET ?

  • introduction to with c#
  • What is Page Life Cycle in Asp.NET
  • Code Behind in
  • Asp.NET Simple Controls
  • Event Handling in Asp.NET
  • Data Controls in Asp.NET
  • Validation Controls in Asp.NET
  • Session Management in Asp.NET
  • Caching in Asp.NET
  • Error Handling in Asp.NET
  • Web.config file in Asp.NET
  • Global.asax file
  • What is ADO .NET ?
  • Asp.NET Optimization techniques
3. Basic to advance Concepts in C#

  • Data Type’s in C#
  • Numeric Types
  • Boolean Type and Operators in C#
  • Strings and Characters in C#
  • Arrays
  • Reference and Value Types in C#
  • Variables and Parameters
  • Expressions and Operators
  • Statements in C#
  • Namespaces
  • OOP Concepts in C#
  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • The object Type
  • Access Modifiers
  • Interfaces
  • Enums
  • try Statements and Exceptions 134
  • Attributes
  • Method overloading
4. SQL Server

  • SQL Server
  • Managing Databases
  • Tables and Views
  • Stored Procedures
  • Functions
  • Cursors
  • Triggers
  • Statements
  • Operators
  • Optimization techniques


5. Javascript concepts

  • What is Javascript
  • Need for Javascript in Asp.NET
  • JavaScript Objects in Detail
  • Document object
  • Variables in javascript
  • Datatypes in javascript
  • Statements in javascript
  • Comments in javascript
  • Functions in javascript
  • Asp.NET Validations using javascript.

  • What is AJAX in Asp.NET
  • Need of AJAX in Asp.NET
  • Script Manager in Asp.NET
  • Script Manager Proxy in Asp.NET
  • AJAX Control Toolkit in Asp.NET
7. Designing Web Pages

  • How to design your Web Pages in Asp.NET
  • CSS
  • JQuery Animations
8. Deployment

  • What is IIS
  • Publishing your Web Application
  • FTP
Timings Days Duration Course Fees Branch
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM (IST) SAT. & SUN. 30 days Just Rs.20,000+GST 18% Thane (W)
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (IST) SAT. & SUN 30 days Just Rs.20,000+GST 18% Andheri (W)


Money Back Guarantee: If you do not like our training, you can ask for 100% course fees refund after your 1st class.
Special Offer: Join same day after FREE Demo class Get Instant 10% OFF.
Group Discount: 10% discount for 1 or more registrations * GST 18% Service Tax Including.

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