mean-stack-framework-trainingMean Stack framework development training in Andheri, Thane Mumbai by working professional. Grow as a Javascript, Type Script developer with expertise in MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS or Angular 2, Type Script and Node JS.

FREE Job Assistance, Hands on Training, Interview Prepare Session, Live Project

This course is delivered as 20 days classroom. It’s heavy on hands-on Lab exercises, Live Project, guided and evaluated by the trainer.
Trainer for this course is a MCA Degree holder Certified Instructor in the technology – with over 9 + years experience as a Developer and Trainer. Trainer have worked at MNC companies.
After Completion The MEAN Stack Training Course. Trainee get Certification under our company
Our mean stack dedicated team of expert trainer are available on email, phone and Skype chat to assist you with your queries. You can also use this facility after complete training.
Please speak to our team of expert training advisor for recommended next courses.
We are giving training on live project and individual attention. Allow only 5 student in batch. Our trainer will give 100% satisfaction of training.

At the end of MEAN Stack Training course, participants will be able to:

  1. Explore most popular JavaScript MVW Framework.
  2. Create custom directives, filters and different types of scopes in directive.
  3. Create and consume REST API.
  4. Create HTTP web server and handle requests & responses.
  5. Handle Sessions, Cookies, and Session Stores.
  6. Install and work with MongoDB and Node.js.
  7. Use HTML Templating engines like Jade and Handlebars.
  8. Use HTML Templating engines like Jade and EJS.
  9. Use Node’s Package Manager – NPM.
  10. Design schema using MongoDB and writing queries.
  11. Publish your App on Web Server (IIS, Apache Tomcat).
  • Anyone who wants to learn MEAN Stack Development should have a basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML/HTML5.

Just Rs.25000/- Only.
What is AngularJS?
  • How Angular.js is
  • Difference between
    Backbone.js and Angular.js
  • Controller Component
  • Model Component
  • View Component
  • Directives
  • Filters
  • Services
  • Providers
  • Factory
  • DI in Angular.js
  • Creating Boundaries using
  • Model View Controller
  • Templates and Data Binding
  • Repeating elements in
  • Using Expressions, CSS
    Classes and Styles
  • Using Controllers for UI
    responsibility separation
  • Responding to model
  • Module Loading and
  • Configuration Blocks
  • Run Blocks
  • $provide service
  • Understanding Built-in
  • Scope resolution
  • One way and Two way data
  • Filters Overview
  • Understanding Filter
  • Building custom Filters
  • Services Overview
  • Modularity using Services
  • Injecting Services
  • Creating Custom Factories
    and Providers
  • Directives
  • Directives Overview
  • Built in directives
  • Creating Directives
  • The Directive Definition
  • Compilation and Linking
  • Creating Components
  • Handling Forms
  • Forms Validations
  • $valid and $error
  • The premise of promises
  • Callbacks and Promises
  • Built in promises
  • Creating custom promises
  • Communicating over $http
  • Configuring the requests
  • Sending Http Headers
  • Caching Responses
  • Request and Response
  • Interceptors
  • Using RESTful Resources
  • Using $resource Service
  • Using Restangular
  • Communication over
  • $routeProvider and ng-view
  • Using $locationProvider
  • Configuring routes
  • Accessing route values
    using $routeParams
  • Using Angular-UI’s
  • Testing Models using
  • Test considerations for
    Directives and Filters
  • Using Angular Mocks
  • Using Karma for testing
    browser compatibility
  • Using Protractor for end
    to end testing
  • Techniques for
    modularizing JavaScirpt code
  • Using Require.js for
    loading dependent modules
What is Node.JS and ExpressJS?
  • Installing Node.js
  • Node’s Event Loop
  • Writing asynchronous code
  • Understanding built-in modules
  • Techniques for
    modularizing JavaScirpt code
  • Using require() to
    modularize application code
  • Using npm for third-party
  • Understanding
  • EventEmitter
  • Understanding
  • Reading
    and writing streams
  • Using
  • Process
  • Understanding
  • Creating
    files and directories
  • Copying,
    moving and renaming files
  • Watching
    for file operations
  • Handling
    web requests
  • Building
    a web server
  • Understanding
    the need for web sockets
  • Realtime
    interaction using
  • Installing
  • Routing
  • Parameters
    and queries in routing
  • Building
    views using Jade view engine
  • Using
    blocks for layout
  • Displaying
  • Working
    with forms
  • Serving
  • Working
    with cookies and sessions
  • Authentication
    and authorization
  • Error
  • Using with express
  • Sending
    responses for specific events
  • Maintaining
    session data
  • Using in the client side
  • Broadcasting
Introduction to MONGO DB
  • The current SQL/NoSQL
  • Document-oriented vs.
    other types of storage
  • Mongo’s featureset
  • Common use-cases
  • Introduction to JSON
  • Creating documents
  • Managing documents in
  • Iterating over documents
  • Field equality tests
  • Operators available
  • Projections
  • Limiting results and
  • Field updates
  • Field insertions and
  • Document deletion
  • Existential field values
  • Aggregations and groups
  • Aggregations and groups
    in hierarchical data
  • Altering array field
  • Insertion to array fields
  • Removing from array
  • The primary index and the
    _id field
  • Problems requiring an
  • Defining secondary
  • Compound indexes
  • CRUD operations through
  • Explanation of MapReduce
  • Types of logic that can
    be expressed as MapReduce declarations
  • Mapping documents
  • Reducing values


Timings Days Duration Course Fees Branch
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM (IST) SAT. & SUN. 40 hrs Just Rs.25,000+GST 18% Thane (W)
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (IST) SAT. & SUN 40 hrs Just Rs.25,000+GST 18% Andheri (W)


Money Back Guarantee: If you do not like our training, you can ask for 100% course fees refund after your 1st class.
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Group Discount: 10% discount for 1 or more registrations * GST 18% Service Tax Including.

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